Christos Cotsakos is an internet, technology and e-commerce pioneer and executive. He graduated with honors from the University of London with a Ph.D. in Economics. He also received an honors MBA from Pepperdine University and an honors BA in Communications from William Paterson University. In 2001, William Paterson University named its business school the Cotsakos College of Business in honor of Christos Cotsakos.

Dr. Cotsakos' outstanding career includes serving as Chairman and CEO, as well as president and chief executive officer of E*Trade Group, Inc., where he raised $13 million in private equity to help finance the company's start-up operations. Christos Cotsakos also founded Pennington Ventures, LLC and co-founded Mutasian Entertainment, LLC.

He is also among a team of inventors for Mainstream Holdings and, as such, is listed in multiple patent applications covering aspects of CoVibe Technologies' social media and social commerce technology. Christos Cotsakos is a decorated combat veteran who served with the 101st Airborne Division in Vietnam.