Chris Wise is a highly acclaimed and sought-after self-made millionaire with a natural knack for creating Passive Income Investments. He has served as a professional consultant to over 100 corporations and individuals looking for proven solutions to increasing net worth.

Having started his first business at the age of 12, Chris has gained an impressive amount of experience through the years and knows what it takes to build a successful business that will generate passive income and lifelong financial wealth.

Chris was introduced to Passive Income Investments, when he read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. Intrigued by the concept of not having to work to make money he enthusiastically began exploring for these types of opportunities. He quickly found opportunities that produced results.

Hungry to invest more and more capital into these opportunities Chris launched an investigation into new ways to access capital. He stumbled across business lines of credit and his life was forever changed. In fact, Chris says; "I have never found an easier way to access capital." Chris Wise now shares the secrets he has learned with thousands of business owners and investors across the country.

Chris now combines his natural talents and experience to deliver a proven system that shows anyone how to turn credit into financial wealth.

Available for the first time Chris shares proven principles which the wealthy use to build passive income and capital. His cutting-edge Credit Line Millionaire Coaching ProgramĀ© provides proven strategies that anyone can use to build passive income, yet still have the time and energy to pursue their passion for life.

Chris is a business owner, entrepreneur and investor. At the age of 21, as President of Wise Technologies Inc. Chris generated well over $1 million dollars in sales while managing a retail and 15 employees.

Currently, he works with a private equity firm that generated double and even triple digit returns for its clients.

A featured author in The Power of Mentorship - Finding Your Passion and having a leading role in the new hit movie "The Art of Business" he shares his inspiration for creating a passionate life, along with motivational leaders such as Bob Proctor, Zig Ziglar and Brian Tracy. Chris has appeared on The Wright Place TV Show, which is syndicated to over 3 million homes weekly and features successful entrepreneurs and inspirational speakers from around the world. Chris is also a featured speaker and mentor on the Las Vegas Convention Speakers Bureau showcasing premium world-class speakers.

Enthusiastic about life, Chris is passionate in his desire to show you how to build financial wealth that will allow you to regain your passions for life and have the financial resources to pursue them.