We are a grass roots organization that has grown because of a desperate need for relief of chronic pain. Thousands of humans are crying in agony with unrelenting pain that has no end. With the proper education and the most up to date treatment, there is no need to suffer so much. After all:

   We have the right to have our pain treated
   We have the right to be believed
   We have the right to be treated with respect
   We have the right to all the best possible technology in pain management
   We have the right to know about all the pain management options so we can make best decisions for our own pain
   We have the right to live with the least amount of pain possible
primary goals to:

1. The advancement of the treatment and management of chronic intractable pain.

2. The development of research projects to promote the discovery of a cure for this disease.

3. Education of both the health care community and the public will be the primary means of accomplishing our mission.

We, as the Chronic Pain Association of Canada do NOT recommend any one treatment. We do promote the education of all the options concerning pain management so you and your Doctor can make the best choice for you.