We teach personal pain control through an understanding of the neuromuscular component of pain and personal techniques of pain management. We, also, provide counseling and systems to help people reduce and/or eliminate personal financial obligations and improve their credit profile through charitable actions.

Through counseling in unique and creative real estate financing we provide help for individuals to get into home ownership in many circumstances no longer available in today's down real estate market. We counsel individuals, banks, and community groups in how to turn around depressed neighborhoods through full cooperation to everyone's benefit with clear profits to all parties.

On the other side of the charitable coin, we use IRS regulations rarely used by other charities to provide ways for donors to significantly reduce their tax bill with donations of things of little value to them.  We have worked out fully audit proof methods to increase tax payer refunds or reductions in their IRS tax bill as much as 10x more  than normal charities, often in less time than through normal charitable processes.