CIBUS has launched a new blockchain based startup, which has the potential to empower its users to track and trace food and dietary supplement products to ensure highest quality, transparency, reliability, along with some more interactive features. For more details check cibus.world

Cibus Food Ecosystem is empowered by blockchain and by using blockchain honesty, it is going to impact food supply chain in a positive way so that more transparency and reliability can be added that leads to better food safety and wellbeing of consumers. Cibus blockchain is expected to create an elementary shift in organizational mindsets.

Industry problem
The food industry is getting intensely customer-oriented and it is demanding faster response time to deal with unwanted food scandals and fraudulent incidents worldwide regarding food safety. In coming years, global food supply chain is expected to come under severe pressure due to changing weather patterns, increased demand of food, and scarcity of water etc. Ingredients for food & dietary supplements in existing supply system travel millions of miles, and changes many hands before it reaches a consumer’s plate. Food Safety is a consumer right, which is largely compromised now.
Food fraud and scams are becoming everyday news covering food poisoning, lack of traceability info, adulterated unsafe food, cross-contamination, pathogenic microbes, misleading labels, allergens not declared, genetically modified organisms (GMO), fraudulent benefit claims, pesticides & chemical contaminants, counterfeit products, hazardous chemicals, tampered packaging, product recalls, etc. Blockchain empowered Cibus Trace is expected to improve these problems by implementing trust, transparency, and quality assurance.
Cibus Solution

The Cibus Ecosystem platform is based on blockchain technology and it uses smart contracts. The platform is open for interaction between manufacturers, suppliers, consumers. Suppliers receive best and accurate information on their buyers, get a better understanding of their needs, and can launch targeted loyalty programs. In addition, the whole system runs in pull busyness method so consumers get better and open option for buying better food products.
According to the spokesperson of Cibus, “With little trust amid consumers, underprivileged living standards for farmers, unprofessional conduct within supply chain networks or manipulation by profit oriented mega food manufacturers and recurring food scandals, the whole global food supply chain ecosystem is not transparent and reliable enough, which needs to be improved by interactive communication and social integrity by a friendly pull method from consumers. CIBUS will enable consumers to verify a food’s origins and provide manufacturers and suppliers the option to validate the quality of their products to their customers.”
Tech startup Cibus is going to announce the release of cryptocurrency CIBUS token, which is a Utility Token and to be used to access and represent value-flow within Cibus ecosystem to track food from “farm to fork”. Cibus token is the way to transact and trade on this platform.

CIBUS will work as a multi-functional platform that will
•     Facilitate accurate food tracing by end-consumer using CIBUS-Trace feature.
•     Execute an interactive and unbiased social media platform in the name of CIBUS-Social.
•     Create an e-commerce platform to promote retail and business to business trading dealing in food and related merchandise using CIBUS-Retail and CIBUS-Trade sub-platforms.
•     Facilitate targeted advertising by food manufacturers/traders/distributors via CIBUS-AD.
•     Facilitate supply chain management by taking care of transport and delivery via Cibus Logistics.
•     Affiliate marketers will promote this platform via Cibus Affiliates.
•     Reliability of transaction across the border will be achieved by CIBUS Escrow.

CIBUS Ecosystem is the means to achieve Transparency, Traceability and Trust in Food and Dietary Supplements value chain. Subscribe to Cibus newsletter to stay tuned.

To know more about CIBUS world – you may explore below:
Website: www.cibus.world
Email at: contact@cibus.world