CI & HUMINT TTP, LLC helps Active Duty Military, Military Retirees, Veterans, Federal Government Employees, Defense Contractors and transitioning military personnel with their Job Searching, Resume Writing and Interview Preparation. We help DoD Intelligence Professionals be more competitive than other applicants.

​​Intelligence personnel, including SIGINT,  Counterintelligence Agents, HUMINT Collectors and Intelligence Analysts have complex backgrounds that require translation of special and unique skills.​​​​​

​Your resume and interview must appropriately reflect your accomplishments, combat zone experiences, descriptions of sensitive activities and events, cleverly articulating/describing your specialized experience to federal and private sector hiring managers.

These experiences require interpretation, critical analysis and writing to match a targeted civilian position.  

​ We will work with you individually, get to know you personally, help identify your strengths, weaknesses and goals, and then look at career options closely to seek out the best opportunities with America's top Intelligence organizations.

​There are many avenues in which to navigate and the effort is complex; but if you want to work beside the best, then you need a coach to train you to be the best.​