Cimple Anyware is a mobile enterprise web app designed to deliver your compliance and more as SmartGuides™ directly to any device. SmartGuides™ are individual apps with many functionalities which can improve your business and increase profits in these areas: Operations, Training, Customer Service, Sales and Management.

Therefore managers, employees and even clients can collaborate more, work safely and perform better.

Cimple Anyware is a new startup with offices in London and Norway. It has been developed by teams with experiences in Management, Training, Corporate Governance, 
e-learning, Web & App Development.

The platform is available on a licensing and subscription base. Cimple Anyware is a new CMS-based cloud mobile platform which can serve from small teams of 50 to large groups of thousands.

To find out more about Cimple Anyware, SmartGuides™ and how you can leverage this new platform to lead your employees to a greater mobile strategy, visit www.cimpleanyware.com

If you would like more information about Cimple Anyware and want to arrange a demonstration of the platform, please contact: Tel: +44 560 364 3288 - Email: enquiries@cimpleanyware.com