Are you feeling distracted and weighed down with creative projects? Are your big ideas and dreams getting lost in the clutter of the daily grind?

Re-focus and hand-off that creative project to a reliable virtual support assistant!

Do you want to stay on-trend and build the brand experience that matches the values of your ideal customer? With versatile skills beyond daily administration, I help with a suite of professional tools and resources to customize your creative projects.

Redirect your focus and gain clarity to scale your business, move toward realizing the potential you have been planning for. With a business background and field of dynamic experience, my professional remote support will help you leverage the time you need in your day.

Breath easier and join the increasing number of business owners and entrepreneurs who choose to save time and money by outsourcing a range of tasks and projects. Build key relationships and referrals with experts who can support you in your success.

As a freelance consultant, I help you bridge the gap from idea to implementation. You gain more time freedom to focus on your passion and what you do best.

You benefit from my business background and range of experiences. Much like you and most entrepreneurs, I too have the capacity to be a big thinker and visionary which helps foster great working relationships. We can engage in conversations that lead to the creative, productive solutions you are looking for.

Learn how I can help you: https://CindyGirard.com

My background: Real Estate Investing, Franchise ownership, Networking, Community Volunteering, Public Speaking and Community Advocate, all contribute to my diverse experience which helps me gain an understanding of what you need. Through the years, these passions and interests have brought me to the crossroads of influence, digital marketing, online business building, & long term wealth creation.