Founded in 2017, Circle Box was the pioneer mobile modern boutique pop-up shop that provided all-inclusive services for brands. Our goal was to offer emerging talents and designers a pristine location to showcase their products, gain brand recognition, and increase sales. Simultaneously, we aimed to provide customers with a one-stop hub for finding unique and timeless fashion pieces.

Our motivation for starting Circle Box stemmed from three key reasons:

- The difficulty of breaking through and reaching customers in the retail industry.
- Our desire to support local, start-up, and independent brands.
- Our commitment to offering customers high-quality, trend-setting, and exclusive products.

After operating successfully in four locations across North America, we had to close our doors a few weeks before the first wave of Covid in 2020. Due to worldwide lockdowns, the prospect of reopening our physical shop diminished. However, we refused to be defeated and resumed our operations, now offering our online shop to global customers. During these tough times, our focus remains on supporting, motivating, and encouraging all businesses and brands.

Consider us part of your team ;)