Circle B Ranch is a 90-acre farm that raises 100% Heritage Berkshire/Kurabota and Red Wattle Pork, naturally and humanely in Seymour, Mo. Owners, John and Marina Backes relocated to southwest Missouri from New Jersey in 2010 to begin farming.

We have received our Certified Humane Raised and Handled logo. By receiving this logo Circle B Ranch shows that they humanely handle their animals from birth to harvest.

We believe that an animal’s welfare is very important to the taste and the appearance of the meat. Naturally grown pork is rich in Omega 3 fat, vitamin D and free from growth hormones and antibiotics.

Circle B Ranch aims to provide a clean and 100% natural environment to breed and grow 100% Heritage Berkshire/Kurabota Pork for the restaurant and consumer consumption. We accomplish our mission by growing the pork in a natural environment in the Ozark Hills of southwest Missouri. The hogs are raised outdoors by using sustainable and humane production standards. All our hogs are bred, farrowed and raised outdoors in the fresh air.

Since the animals are free-ranged on pasture they will do what pork do best - root and graze for the majority of their food. Circle B Ranch will also add to the animal’s diet with a natural corn-soybean based food with mineral and vitamin supplements.

We sell all natural Berkshire pork as well as homemade Italian meatballs and homemade sauces. All of our products are available online.