At Circusmedia we believe that in order for us to be successful as a business it is very important for us to be really good at what we do. With this vision in mind Circusmedia was established in 2009 to provide expert digital advertising solutions to its client. As an organisation Cricusmedia derives its strengths from three majog success pillars.

1.     Service Focus: Circusmedia believes that we do too many things we can only be so good at so many things. Therefore in order to provide expert service to businesses we have focused all our energy on just one sector. We only do digital advertising also known as Paid Search.

2.     Industry Focus: As experienced professionals we understand that in today‚Äôs world it is no longer enough to be good at just what we do. In order to cater to the specialised needs of our clients we also need to be specialists in their sector. We therefore have not just PPC account managers, but also Industry experts who specialise in Paid Search in a particular industry. This helps us minimise surprises and maximise ROI (return on investment) even when dealing with a new account.

3.     People Focus: We understand that great people build great organisation Hence people form one of our key strategic pillars. We invest heavily in attracting people with right talent and skillsets required for our strategy. Once they become a part of the organisation our enthusiastic and accountable work culture ensures that they are happy working with us.
All our consultants carry at least five years of working experience within the industry. This helps us maintain our service standards with clients and build sustainable relationships.

From our offices in Leeds and London we have managed millions of pound of advertising budget across various industry sectors around the globe. We only deal in digital advertising commonly known as paid search or PPC. To focus on providing expert service to our clients we do NOT deal in Search Engine Optimisation, web development, email marketing, affiliate marketing etc. This assures the clients against mis-selling or over-selling. This strategy resonates well with our clients which is why most of them have been with us for years.