Citizenre is a new kind of clean energy company. Our name says it all: “Citizenre”, pronounced like the word for the people – citizenry. Our mission is to empower people to take control of their energy use. We help them switch to clean energy, and to use all energy more wisely while saving both money and the planet. We started with a solar energy offer that literally turned the solar industry on its ear.  

We rent residential customers a solar electric system (also called “photovoltaics” or “PV”). This means that people can secure a clean energy generating system for a fraction of what it costs to buy that system. Our model, the residential solar lease, means that literally thousands of people can now afford to use clean, solar energy to power their homes.  

The Citizenrē Corporation is a pure-play renewable energy provider. We are positioned to deliver renewable energy to the marketplace on a cost competitive basis. This makes us highly unique amidst the RE landscape; it places us perfectly to truly minimize our dependence upon foreign and fossil fuels, to install more environmentally friendly electricity generating assets, to deliver a higher degree of energy surety, and to realize a 21st century quality of life.