City Wide Maintenance is a management company for the building maintenance industry.  Unlike traditional janitorial companies who offer a limited number of services with in-house employees, City Wide plays at a higher level. City Wide’s focus is to become an extension of each customer’s management team, not just another contractor. Thanks to our Facility Specialists, we’ve succeeded. Instead of juggling multiple vendors and invoices, City Wide will provide all the services you need with only one contact to manage all of them.

By aligning ourselves with the highest performing local business owners, certified in their specialty, we are able to offer more than 20 different services for the same price or better, while  also managing the details so the customer doesn’t have to.

Our value proposition to our clients is our ability to save them time and money while dramatically reducing the headaches associated with managing multiple contractors, freeing up their time to focus on their business.

City Wide Maintenance’s services range from commercial janitorial, window washing and carpet cleaning to more specialized services, including handyman services, parking lot maintenance and construction clean-up.  Our team touches every aspect of the project, managing the details so the customer doesn’t have to. Our Facility Specialists hold regularly scheduled meetings with the customer’s team to ensure the services being paid for are consistently delivered while our night mangers oversee every job performed by our local business owners.

City Wide Maintenance is the nation’s largest provider of Facility Specialists and has been servicing the building maintenance industry for more than 40 years. Visit www.gocitywide.com for more information.