Clarence J. Parks, J.D., MDiv., author, professional speaker, seminar leader, corporate trainer, coach and pastor, is also known as The SlackBuster™ because he helps people to “break the back of slack one issue at a time.” He provides viable solutions that help people win the struggle against the internal roadblocks that keep them from achieving their maximum potential.  One solution Clarence has developed is the The 777 Plan which is a software package which helps people to gain, regain and maintain order in every area of life.

Clarence is highly sought after by churches, companies and individuals to expound on the unique spiritual and practical strategies that are discussed in his book, Overcome Procrastination God’s Way!  He is the first to publish a book that utilizes biblical principles that help people to dig out from the past, manage the present and enter into a more productive future, and as a result he is distinguished as one of the foremost experts in his field.

Parks graduated from Morehouse College; earned a law degree from The Catholic University of America and a Master of Divinity from Yale University, but he is very down to earth and is even more compassionate about helping people to get moving in their lives because he knows firsthand how procrastination causes people to waste too much time and miss out on living the full lives that God makes available to us all.