Class Appraisal is a recognized leader in residential real estate appraisal management. With a panel of 20,000+ Appraisers across the country, we are able to find Appraisers with local market knowledge and quick turn times for all of our clients.

Our high standard of excellence is why we make sure every order is handled with Class!

4 Day Turn Time
Our average turn around time to complete an appraisal is 4 business days, from start to finish, for a completed appraisal. From the moment our Clients place an order until the final report is delivered, our Customer Service department does their part to make sure everything advances smoothly and that all appraisals are treated as high priority. Our staff strives to turn orders around as quickly as possible. We understand that time is money.

Close more Loans - Make More $$
We understand that Lenders and Brokers have very busy schedules as there are numerous details in reviewing each loan. The less time they spend worrying about an appraisal, the more time they have to close loans. This is why our quick turn time coupled with our high standards of quality and satisfaction help to keep Lender’s deals moving along faster and with a higher level of efficiency. Accelerating the Appraisal process means Lenders and Brokers can move on to the next loan and close more deals.

Commitment to Quality
At Class Appraisals we are firmly committed to our Clients and ensure they will receive the highest quality appraisal and service possible. We have numerous licensed FHA Appraisers on staff who not only make up our Quality Control department, but are also available for any unusual situations that may arise.

Unparalleled Service
Our Customer Service department is always available and ready to help our Clients and panel of Appraisers throughout the entire appraisal process. They are our Client’s go-to for any questions or concerns that my arise. We hold all of our employees to the highest possible standards and ensure all Clients access to a friendly, knowledgeable individual who is ready to help.

Our Clients don’t have time to wait on hold or struggle through a maze of telephone prompts. Class Appraisal's promise to our Clients and Appraisers is that a live person will answer the phone every time. After hours, our website allows our Clients to track their order and see exactly where it stands with real-time updates. When an order has been updated or completed our website automatically logs it and an instant e-mail or fax is then generated and sent out to our Client to make them aware of any changes in status or the completion of their report.

What Seats Us at the Head of the Class
• From Management to Quality Control, our office is staffed with numerous Licensed Appraisers to assist with any questions or concerns that may arise
• Every call during business hours is answered by a live person
• We have appraisers who work over the weekends to make sure that our Quality Control Department stays current with proofing
• FHA appraisals are our specialty and make up over 75% of our business
• We process orders for some of the top FHA lenders in the country, making us well equipped and experienced with handling large volumes of work
• As a leader in the industry we take compliance very seriously
• Our goal is to make your appraisal process as easy and effortless as possible
• Our appraisals are compliant with USPAP, GSE Guidelines, HUD/FHA Guidelines, AIR, Dodd-Frank, and State AMC Regulations and by September 1st, 2011 our system will be completely integrated with availability to submit directly to GSE’s so it will comply with UMDP