Classroom Antics is a Cleveland, Ohio based leading provider of technology education to kids that was developed to inspire, excite, and enrich the lives of children in today’s technology world, and to deliver educational hands-on programs that promote creativity and teamwork in the safest environment possible. For more information on Classroom Antics, please call 800-595-3776 or visit ClassroomAntics.com.

Why the Company was Founded

Classroom Antics was established to address the rising demand for technology-based childhood education. Over the past decade, our world has been turned upside-down with new technological advances. The Internet is now found in everyone’s home. Digital cameras are more common than film-based cameras. Children are more comfortable with video games than board games. But how do we prepare our children to use and invent tomorrow’s technology?

Applied technology is not a standard class in today’s curriculum. And where it is offered, it’s very limited. There are varying thoughts to why our country doesn’t produce a standard applied technology class. For whatever reason, we (as parents) need to accept this responsibility to teach our children about technology. Classroom Antics is part of the answer.

Who are our Teachers

We hire the best and brightest teachers to educate our campers and students. They are leaders in their communities and contribute to childrens’ education on a regular basis.

Most of our instructors are school teachers. During summer camp and Saturdays, they contribute their time to children’s technology education — teaching video game design, computer programming,  LEGO robotics and stop-motion animation movie making.

As well, all instructors are fingerprinted and background checked through the FBI (National) and BCI (State of Ohio) database systems to ensure the safest possible classroom environments.