Atrium Innovation Ltd. owns and manufactures the revolutionary  air purifier - Cleanaer™ - that creates the world's freshest rooms by cleaning the very air itself.
Cleanaer devices work 24 hours a day to remove unwanted particles from the air, leaving rooms feeling fresher, purer and healthier.

•     Applications
Cleanaer air purifiers:
- remove bad odours and lingering smells
- are endorsed by Allergy UK to help removedust mite and cat allergies
- eliminate smoke smells
- are available with Anti-Viral Tea Tree Oil cartridges - proven to kill 99.99% of flu viruses on contact

•     Features
- Endorsed by Allergy UK
- Completely Silent
- Ozone-free
- small and energy efficient
- available with fragrance-free, anti-viral Tea Tree Oil or subtle aroma cartridges



remove odours
remove pet smells