CleanAir Treatments LLC, uses new technology to temporarily remove the oxygen in a structure and kill unwanted living organisms. Killing mold, odors, insects, allergens, bacteria and viruses.

The patent pending equipment is used in NASA's space station and will not harm or contaminate the contents. This ORGANIC SANITIZATION process takes 24 hours. It sanitizes every square inch of the property including inacessable areas. The new air is the healthiest that you will experience.

Our non-invasive, environmentally safe process will eliminate the removal of sheetrock, carpet and furnishings from water damage if caught in time. This GREEN process is EPA Approved and can eliminate many health issues. The process leaves your property sanitized, deodorized and smelling like you are standing near a waterfall.

Our process is economical and can save a property owner money.  We service Oakland County, Michigan. We offer a free no obligation consultation and a money back guarantee.

CleanAir Treatments LLC