We provide relief for allergy sufferers by sanitizing mattresses, soft furniture, stuffed toys, drapes, and carpets. Our sanitizing system, Hygienitech, kills and removes dust mites and their eggs,  kills and removes viruses, bacteria, mold, and removes debris from bed bugs, fleas and their eggs, lice, mold, fungal spores, and other harmful contaminants.

This system captures 99.97% of the contaminants present as small as 0.3 microns. It is a high powered extraction device that combine unsurpassed suction with a powerful, electronically regulated UV-C germicidal light. It is a vacuum on steroids that not only removes all harmful contaminants, but sterilizes the areas being treated. The scientifically proven Hygienitech Mattress Sanitizing process is an all natural, chemical free, dry treatment that is safe for all types of mattresses.

Dust mites excrete a compound called guanine which has been the dominant cause of most allergies and other widespread maladies such as asthma, eczema, hay fever, bronchitis, inflamation of the mucous membranes, itchy red eyes, headaches, fatique and depression. Europeans have known the benifits of sanitizing their mattresses and furniture for years and have reported relief from these problems by using this system. As a result, there are over 4000 dealers performing this service in Europe.

This process takes only about twenty minutes per mattress.

We are located in central Pennsylvania but can provide the contact information for other dealers around the USA and Europe.

Visit us on the web at www.cleanamattress.com Or, call 570-935-0290 email us at clngreen@comcast.net