Our eco-friendly bags keep America clean and green.

All reusable bags are not created equal™. That's right. We're not just another reusable bag company. While we make some really wonderful, useful, smart products, what we're doing is not just about eco reusable bags. Clean Conscience is about a lifestyle that is mindful of the way we live. It's a new way of thinking.

Our goal is to inform people, augment awareness, and find ways that will help create a cleaner, greener and more productive America. Here's our full-time to-do list:

To clean – We're un-wasting. We help reduce the number of non-biodegradable post-consumer plastic bottles that end up in our landfills and oceans, polluting and destroying nature's balance.
To green – We're up-cycling. We create new and useful products made from 100% recycled materials.
To support – We're re-hiring America. Our products are made from domestically sourced materials using American labor. And we donate a portion of our sales to American charities.

Clean Conscience stands for smart, clean and green products.  We offer functional, eco-friendly, smart and earth-friendly reusable bags, grocery bags, shopping bags, lunch bags, shoe bags, totes and laundry sacks.  Our products are made using re-purposed and recycled PETE plastic soda or water bottles, recycled cotton or a blend of both.  We offer a variey of reusable bags that is ideal for carrying your grocery, produce, lunch, books, laundry, shoes, toddler or baby gear, and travel items;  or for your activities at the gym, yoga class, beach, resort, or country club.  Clean Conscience reusable bags are also ideal for printing your custom logo for promotions, tradeshows, conferences, or fundraising events.

Plastic is an incredible invention, and one that has improved our lives in countless ways through the decades. But there isn't one good reason—short of our unconscious habits—that we can't extend the life of every plastic bottle to create new and thoughtful products instead of having it take up space for centuries in landfill or allow it to pollute our precious oceans.  Some people think of it simply as trash. At Clean Conscience, we believe that trash is a terrible thing to waste™ and our business is about repurposing trash and putting it into good use.

Reducing waste and plastic pollution is our goal at Clean Conscience, maker of green and eco-friendly reusable bags.  Our high-quality reusable bags are made using woven 100% post-consumer recycled plastic PET bottles.  We help divert plastic bottle waste from going into our landfills and plastic litter that ends up in our oceans.  Made in USA using domestic factories and sources, our reusable bags use less fuel for transportation and help feed our economy.  Shop our Store for a  wide selection of chic and green reusable grocery bags, shopping bags, lunch bags, shoe bags and eco-friendly printable logo promotional bags.