We are a manufacturing company of our own brand of car care products both for professional, consumer and industrial uses. Clean Plus is our main brand which is being produced in our main factory in western France however our European Headquarter remains to be in Oslo, Norway.
Our company has been established since 1997 with distribution networks in Europe, Asia, Africa, Canada and Australia.
We have the most complete set of car wipes in the industry which are made from 100% biodegradable material and recipient of Eco Flower Certification.
Our products in the Professional line are 100% Body Shop Safe from all kinds of paints and some are biodegradable.
Our products in the Consumer line are designed to give an outmost satisfaction. They are easy to use and they simply work!
Our Industrial products cater the most extensive market in the HORECA industry and other government offices.
We have annual sales of more than USD 65 Million.
We are continuously looking for DISTRIBUTORS who want to be our exclusive Clean Plus representative. So JOIN us now and be included in our 380+ strong distributor- partners around the globe.
Please visit our website for more details about the products and services: http://www.cleanplus.com/Home/