This is not just about cleaning your community it's about creating new social challenges, social change, responsibilities and accountability. It's about giving kudos to people that deserve it. The greatness of what's to come will not be just healthier, cleaner environment but a social standing proving your an exceptional human being.  Track your good deeds with Clean the Creek
Clean the Creek makes it easy for you tag dirty locations and allow yourself or others to clean them. With the app you can follow others that clean up areas and easily post your finds or clean-ups to Facebook. Clean the Creek gives users a simple interface to browse dirty locations around them using a list view showing the closest spots or a map view.

Once you have cleaned a location people can then give you Kudos for your job well done. Your profile shows all your places you have completed and the app send push notifications to you for new locations in your area, when your given kudos and much more. Clean the Creek is a tool for tracking the good positive change your pressing forward with in the world. We want to see people using the App as commonly as a selfie but when someone see another person snapping a photo of dirty area they instantly feel good about what that person is doing.
What if someone knew the good things I do on daily basis? Clean the Creek allows you to promote social responsibility! #cleanthecreek

It’s time to start tracking Kudos.
Clean the creek is the start of a suite of apps that are designed for capturing good deeds. We see this markets value of huge growth and potential over the next five years. We are creating a gamification process that will better man kind and help drive healthier, happier and cleaner communities across the globe.

Clean the creek allows users to tag dirty locations they see. By simply taking a photo the app captures the location, user info and creates a dirty spot. From there anyone else can clean the spot including the user that took the photo. Once the spot is clean the app creates a nice before and after photo and posts this to the users Facebook timeline and to the apps activity feed. Other users can then give kudos (similar to a Facebook like) to cleaned locations. The social aspects of the app include following of users, profiles, commenting and Facebook timeline posting. Clean the creek enables users to easily capture dirty locations and clean them while get the respect they deserve.

Download the app today and start making a difference that your Facebook friends can give kudos too and see good deeds done by your self or corporation. It’s time to start tracking Kudos.