The delivery of healthcare in today’s market is experiencing many challenges. The demand for acute health care services has substantially increased; while the shortage of key health care professionals and facilities that provide comprehensive health care services have simultaneously decreased. The rise in medical costs are equally astounding. These trends create an undeniable need for new models of care and delivery. Clear Choice Medical Center is focused on bridging the gap between current and future breakthroughs.

By incorporating patient-centered treatment and prevention through Clear Choice Medical & Dental Center; conducting clinical research via Clinical Trial Network (CTN); and providing community outreach, health education and awareness with Community Out Reach Program (CORP); we are working to ensure everyone has access to high quality, compassionate care.

We believe our model at Clear Choice Medical & Dental Center is one of the premier clinic within the market. Our guiding philosophy and emphasis is on patient care, safety and satisfaction. Our definition of “Innovating Healthcare Delivery” is “the creation of a highly unique and integrated collection of medical services that work synergistically to address today’s healthcare concerns with advanced clinical care.” Together these services work in collaboration with patients, their families, referring physicians, our healthcare professionals and pharmaceutical sponsors.

At Clear Choice Medical & Dental Center, we strive to continuously improve the quality and value of the care we provide, while maintaining our patient-centered focus. As a trusted member of the healthcare community, we are dedicated to developing a long-term relationships with our patients and enhancing access to whole-person care across the health care spectrum.