For the first time, ClearFX™ is offering a unique opportunity at a business venture to individuals looking to begin one with very little start-up and low overhead. If you are passionate about cars, want to add an amazing service to your already existing business that will set you apart, or are simply looking for a unique, unsaturated business opportunity, a license is for you.

As a licensee you will be provided with hands-on training, business and sales literature, and insight and knowledge from a staff with over 40 years of experience in the automotive repair, sales and reconditioning industry. Our experience and our product are unparalleled. Contact us today with any questions you have – we are here to provide answers.

ClearFX™ is a hand applied Finish Renewal System that restores used cars to their former state. ClearFX™ is a hand-applied process that chemically adheres to the existing clear coat to permanently restore the damaged finish with a restoration that is just as durable as the factory clear coat. Systems such as a cut/polish (which actually decrease the quality of a vehicle as they literally cut away the clear coat of the vehicle being “fixed” and then apply a polish which is temporary and transient) and spraying on a new clear coat (which is inefficient, costly, and environmentally unfriendly) are now antiquated historical mistakes. ClearFX™ is the aesthetic transplant that any car needs over transient “band-aids” and wasteful applications.

ClearFX™ permanently repairs:

   most scratches
   minor scuffs and scrapes
   swirl mark damage
   faded and weathered paint
   sand blasted clear coat

ClearFX™ is also the most efficient, environmentally safe clear coat on the market today. Being that ClearFX™ is a hand-applied clear coat, it is extremely efficient to apply when compared to conventional spraying methods, resulting in an immediate savings in the amount of material used – requiring less energy, less consumption, and less pollution. In addition, unlike detail products that wash off into our waterways, ClearFX™ is a permanent coating that lasts the life of the car. The endless array of “wax-on, wax-off” that constantly wastes product and time and the overspray that pollutes airspace are a thing of historical anecdote.

Strong used car sales, driven by the current economy, increase the demand for the services of auto repair and auto reconditioning businesses. “Appearance” based reconditioning businesses are well positioned to meet the increased and ever-growing consumer demand.

Competitive Edge (Niche Product)
This product is unparalleled in its capacity to restore a vehicle’s luster and provide a mirror-like finish. Automobile dealerships are astounded at a demonstration of the capacities of this product. In addition, competition is literally nonexistent at this level and the only access to this product is by being a licensed dealer.

Minimal start-up capital
There are minimal start-up costs for this business as materials are cheap, employees are limited and we provide all training.

High Profitability
With low material costs, expenses remain low and, consequently, profits remain high. Additionally, the application process is incredibly efficient and this allows for an increased rate of production that will inevitably increase profit margins.

Great compliment to existing detail/body shop operations
If you already own an existing shop, becoming a licensee of ClearFX™ will provide with you with an unparalleled opportunity to expand your services. It will also provide you with a great resource to compete over and above what your competitors can come close to.

Product flexibility gives opportunity for mobile operation
The products incredibly quick dry time combined with its ease of application gives the owner the possibility of being mobile when servicing vehicles. This not only gives some much added flexibility to the operation but provides a possibility for a large reduction in overhead when a large garage for operations is not required.

The potential customer opportunities for the ClearFX™ clear coat system are endless. The following are the major segments that use our clear coat technology

Classic Car Lovers
Auto Auctions
Auto Dealerships
Limousine Service
Rental Car Company
Lease Returns
Private Party
Detail Shops
Body Shops
RV Dealerships