The Clever Travel Companion sells travel safety gear in the shape of garments with zippered, secret pockets that hide travelers valuable, such as passport, credit cards and cash, and makes sure travelers stay safe and relaxed wherever they go and whatever they do. The product range includes underwear, t-shirts, tank tops and long johns with pockets.

The Clever Companion was founded in 2010 by Johanna Denize. Originally from Sweden, Johanna now lives in DC with her husband and son. Having traveled more than 40 countries, backpacking and otherwise going budget style, Johanna realized a better solution was needed to protect travelers from pick pockets and loss; money belts, fanny packs and neck pouches simply wouldn't do. They were itchy, bulky and ugly and easy to misplace. Thus Johanna invented the Clever Travel Companion's line of garments with secret pockets and no pick pocket – no matter how smart - will know where a travelers valuables are hidden.