ClickaGift is an Online Gift Experience Provider in Greece targeting as well to non-greek speakers. Its main goal is to provide Gift Experiences other than material items, to individuals and companies, as a new concept of gifting and rewarding.

Our mission is to bring new experiences and adventures to individuals and companies who, otherwise, would not have the time and opportunity to organize, search or even be aware of them. Our aim is to provide a flawless and enjoyable search for the gift buyer, as well as flexibility for the gift receiver.

ClickaGifts main feature is that it targets also the non-Greek speaking communities in Greece. Through a trusting network of partner organizations, our aim is to reassure that the our Experience Suppliers are among the best in the Greek market ensuring a start-to-finish Gift Experience purchase and execution of Gift Experiences. These include: Spa, Massage, 4x4 Day Adventures, Plane Rides, Helicopter Rides, Romantic Dinners, Scuba Diving, Dance Lessons, Parapent, Personal Development skills, Futurist Vehicles, and many more...