ClickBasics provides internet marketing training, coaching, and direct service to help businesses get leads and sales online. Their specialty is showing businesses how to market online without stress to get people in the front door spending money.

After a decade of f trial and error, Paul Carter cracked the code to increase online reservations by 800% at one of the world's largest yoga retreat centers. That made the organization very happy. But at what a price! The wear and tear on his mind and body had taken its toll. He left that position determined that whatever new achievements were in store for him, the top priority would be mental and physical health.

In 2001 Paul founded ClickBasics Internet Marketing.Today, the biggest online marketing challenge to businesses is the overwhelming number of internet marketing tactics and tools, and the limited amount of time to keep up with them. Trying to keep up with it all leads to stress and burnout. So Paul devised a strategy that allows his clients to focus on just the very next step – one that will allow them to take the most effective action in bite sizes they can live with. (144)

His clients include professionals, solo-preneurs, motels, bed and breakfasts, consultants an many others who want to generate leads and sales online without stress. His services range from evaluations of existing websites through complete online strategy development and implementation.

Most websites get very few visitors after the excitement of the launch. And even fewer websites get leads or customers during this same period. ClickBasics free website evaluation servide gives a quick and easy way to find out what’s preventing a website from  becoming a lean, mean marketing machine and what to do about it.

This service includes: a professional review of a business website by ClickBasics’s owner Paul Carter (not a robot), detailed information on how a website performs the 10 most important things for producing leads and sales, exactly what to do next to improve a site’s lead generation and/or sales performance, plus a free 15-minute phone/online consultation to discuss the business’ online marketing strategies.

Some business have a marketing challenge they’d just like to have solved quickly, because the solutions they’ve found so far do not quite fit their situation. They want someone who has faced this challenge before to take a look at their current methods, and give them honest feedback.

ClickBasics offers a free 15 minute coaching call in which Paul Carter will discuss a business’ marketing efforts including search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, website design, branding, or anything else related to  their web presence. From there Paul works with the business to lay out a plan to address the most pressing issues in a series of one-to-one online coaching sessions

For people who want a complete overview and step-by-step approach at their own pace, ClickBasics offers two online training programs. Online Marketing Boot Camp provides an overview of the entire online marketing process. Online Marketing Master Class offers an in depth, hands-on process to fully develop and implement an online marketing program for a specific business.