Clipping Design is an outsourcing graphic design farm providing services on clipping paths, background remove, image cutout, image masking, image manipulation service, photo retouching, web design, web development, SEO etc. The completion of clipping paths with low labor cost makes us located our production platform in Asia. Our experienced and well manage team of Photoshop ® DTP experts has a capacity to manage an over whelming number of images each day.

The service list of Clipping Design are as follows:
        Clipping Path Services
        Image Masking ( Layer, Alpha, Channel Mask ) Services
        Creating Shadows ( Natural, Soft, Drop, Reflection shadows ) Services
        Photo Retouching & Restoration Services
        Image Colorization & Color Correction Services
        Image Conversion (raster to vector) Services
        Website Design & Development Services

Customer satisfaction is more important for us than anything else. This is the fact the Clipping Design offers:
    2 free trials to check quality of clipping path services
    100% handmade clipping paths using Photoshop pen tool
    Quick turnaround time
    Guaranteed client satisfaction
    Double quality control check to ensure best quality
    Guaranteed confidentiality & security for client images

Clipping Design highly professional graphics designers are more than five years experienced and serving design services with perfect accuracy. Clipping Design inherently well placed to understand the constraints and requirements of your business because of the experience, quality and services.
Please visit for more details on our website: http://www.clippingdesign.com