Now with ClipShout.com, teachers, presenters, religious leaders, and others can easily find and play a popular movie scene to illustrate a key point in their lesson or presentation.

Understanding the indelible impact of films to create long lasting memories and the need for visual illustrations in education, ClipShout has partnered with major Hollywood studios for the rights to many popular films. Teaching with movie clips enables students/audiences to grasp concepts, techniques, or historical contexts that have primarily been taught through lectures and textbooks.

How impactful would a lecture about the Holocaust be if accompanied with clips from Schindler’s List? How much better would one understand the plight of the unemployed during the Great Depression by seeing a father struggle to feed his family in Cinderella Man?  A clip from Jurassic Park or Back To The Future would liven up a lecture on Science & Technology. And a lesson on Ethics would be enhanced with a comedic scene from Liar Liar.  As the Father of Communications and Media Studies, Marshall McLuhan, famously said, "Anyone who tries to make a distinction between education and entertainment doesn't know the first thing about either."

ClipShout optimizes their service by hand selecting the in and out times, organizing all clips into hundreds of popular teaching topics, and even filtering out inappropriate language. Once your school, business or organization signs up for a ClipShout subscription, they have instant full access to hundreds of licensed movie clips. ClipShout can also accommodate large-scale integration into school districts or any organization that wishes to sign up multiple schools or organizations all at once.