Self-Help and Marketing Expert Clive Harman Announces Launch of New Membership Site Site4Training.com

Site4Training.com is success training guru Clive Harman's recently launched membership site offering an affordable way to obtain high quality training in a wide range of areas of self-improvement.  Set to open their doors on September 15th the news of Harman's latest project is being met with enthusiasm.

August 27, 2014

When it comes to things like self-help and self-improvement, most experts agree, the best advice comes from those who have walked the walk and have deep experience applying the principles they teach in their own lives successfully.  A shining example of this, is Clive Harman, a self-made success trainer with over 45 years of experience in all areas of self-improvement.  Harman recently announced the launch of a new membership program where he will share his secrets, opening its doors on September 15th, 2014 at Site4Training.com.  With two membership’s tiers and a maximum of 100 members, the response to the news of this program has inspired a passionate response from students eager to learn from Harman directly.

“I'm very excited about our new membership site,” commented Harman.  “We'll be offering actionable information and training materials that are absolute life changers.  Study, take action and watch your life transform for the better.  I sincerely doubt there's a better combination of high quality material at such an affordable price anywhere, today!”

According to Harman, the new membership site will have two membership levels, Gold and Silver.  The Gold Membership opens up the door for members to make use of PLR (private label rights) material to help build and brand, a personal business and reputation, along with instruction and guidance on how to best utilize the PLR material.  The Silver Membership is packed with self-help training material, with a special emphasis on motivational work that can help inspire a whole new approach to life.

There's significant excitement surrounding the launch.

Emily G., from Austin, Texas recently remarked, “The new membership program at Site4Training.com sounds really awesome.  Clive is pretty legendary and I know I'm definitely joining!”

For more information visit http://site4training.com.