There are numerous reasons for the wearing of shoes. We wear them to protect our feet from the elements when the ground beneath us is too cold or too hot for our soles to withstand. Our outside world (and possibly inside) is not usually soft and smooth so our shoes become a barrier between it and our feet. Shoes protect our feet from encountering objects which may hurt us. We have been conditioned to believe that we need shoes for support of our feet and ankles. Just watching advertisements on television leads us to believe (if you believe marketing hype) that we need support as our natural foot and leg structures are not enough for every day functionality.

Just walking into a sports shoe shop will have us encounter such a variety of shoes which can completely bamboozle us. Every sporting activity seemingly has a differently structured shoe and we believe if we buy the correct shoe, we can become sporting superstars. This may be going a bit far but we often buy based upon perceived reality. Probably the greatest reason for the wearing of shoes is fashion. Fashion dictates to us what we should have on our feet. Over the years as the shopping experience has become more and more ingrained into our psyches and we are conditioned to purchase items as often as possible, shoes become a statement on who or what we are.

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