The Cloud Bootcamp is an intensive content-packed workshop to effectively jumpstart or accelerate the cloud awareness, understanding, ramp-up, knowledge, and retooling for attendees. It aims to equip the participants with the in-depth knowledge and field experience about the cloud concepts, characterization, business values, terminologies, usage scenarios, evolution history, major players, platforms, taxonomy, standards, roadmapping, transformation, operationalization, modeling, design, engineering, solutioning, development, implementation, lifecycle, governance and management.

This hands-on session bridges the current IT knowledge assets with Cloud, facilitates the retooling of existing skillsets of IT stakeholders and accelerates the transition with boosted cloudification readiness of resources. The working examples and case studies demonstrate the practical use of cloud in the real-world projects with best practice guidelines and lessons learned, which helps the participants quickly learn how to apply what is covered in the camp to their daily work.

The following is a list of selected topics in the session:
- Cloud fundamentals
- Cloud capabilities
- Cloud taxonomy
- Cloud solution lifecycle
- Cloud suitability assessment
- Cloud adoption strategy
- Cloud architecture
- Cloud standards
- Cloud acceleration
- Cloud transformation

The level of expertise is introductory to intermediate, with some advanced topics covered and discussed. General understanding of distributed applications and solution development lifecycle is expected for the participants, but there is no prerequisite to attend.