The easiest way to do your accounting
We crunch the numbers, while you run your business, it really is that easy.

Cloud Keeper can take care of all your bookkeeping requirements or just parts of it. We offer full bookkeeping services, reconciliations, invoicing, payroll calculation, cash collection VAT accounting, invoicing, tax returns and year end financial statements.  Working closely with local business partners, we can even provide document scanning services, document shredding and/or storage along with cash collection, credit checking and other credit information solutions.  Everything you need to manage your finances.  We even provide training not only in the use of the software but in the basics of accounting.

Our aim is to make the somewhat complex financial tasks more understandable and less time consuming.

We focus on partnerships, working as a support service to your business.

You determine the level of accounting services that suits you best and if circumstances change it’s simple to add or reduce the level of service.

We will free up your valuable time so that you can carry out daily operations and revenue generating tasks, whilst we manage all the bookkeeping administration.

When you outsource your bookkeeping to us, we’ll do all the data entry & filing and provide you with all the relevant reports you need.   We take away the hassle and stress of all the bookkeeping.

If you prefer to do the books yourself most of the time, we can provide you with our Cloud Account software but if you ever get too busy, then you have the option to send the bookkeeping to Cloud Keeper on an ad hoc basis.