With its new online service, CloudRadar offers an alternative to complex on-premise solutions: an intuitive web interface and predefined checks for Windows and Linux that guarantee simple, error-free configuration, even without expert knowledge in monitoring. The service is set up in minutes and provides an overview of the entire IT infrastructure. CloudRadar monitors servers and services on the public Internet via ICMP and service monitoring. Systems behind a firewall are monitored using an agent or proxy that measures key metrics such as CPU, memory, and hard disk fill levels. CloudRadar offers an important advantage over local software solutions: as a stand-alone component CloudRadar reports reliably even in the event of a complete failure of the local IT. In addition to e-mail and SMS, alerts can also be received via Slack, Pushover and own webhooks. The service is significantly cheaper than competitors and offers a free basic version for up to five servers.

Utilizing AES encryption and open source monitoring agents, CloudRadar meets the highest security and auditing standards. The agents are original Zabbix components, the industry standard in enterprise monitoring. CloudRadar is based on the highly reliable Microsoft Azure infrastructure, and guarantees compliance with ISO / IEC 27018 standards as well as ISO 27001 compliant data storage.

CloudRadar.io was founded by Thorsten Kramm and Nicholas Thiede in 2016. Thorsten Kramm was CTO at Semigator AG and IT Admin at MyHammer AG and is author of the monitoring expert guide "Monitoring mit Zabbix" (in German). Nicholas Thiede was CEO of Semigator AG and COO of MyHammer AG. The Berlin company was selected for the BizSpark Plus program from Microsoft and IBM BlueMix from IBM.