Back in 2009, people were still mining Bitcoins on their own computers. This was the beginning of Bitcoin. They were really easy to mine, but it was also a significant struggle to sell any Bitcoin at all, at any price. Nobody knew what it was! And then it happened...
A reward of 25 Bitcoin started to mean something. Bitcoin miners soon became intensely motivated by profits and energized by a strong drive to compete. Miners started to use any technique necessary to get and retain the upper hand. Eventually individuals was pushed off the scene by enterprises, which were faster, had more resources and were magnitudes more efficient. For this reason, it became impossible to use your own processor or graphics card to mine.

Mainly because only ASICs (Application specific integrated circuits) for SHA256 mining were left. These ‘mining rigs’ were designed for Bitcoin mining, and Bitcoin mining only. They were exponentially faster at mining Bitcoins, so much so that using a personal computer to do it became ridiculous. Initially, the newest ASICs outpaced the rest on their own and miners were satisfied. But in such a competitive space, it was clear that this wouldn’t hold for long.

Suddenly a lot spiralled out of the miners’ control. ASIC manufacturers experienced delays or didn’t deliver at all, leaving their customers staring at serious losses. In some cases, mining facilities burned down due to faulty wiring or simply became unprofitable due to increased electricity costs. Some ASIC manufacturers were even using their own gear to mine before they shipped it out, essentially lowering profits for everyone except themselves!
And eventually even cheap electricity and the newest miners weren’t enough to compete at the top anymore. In today’s Bitcoin mining world, it takes a considerable amount of factors coordinated in just the right way to yield a workable profit. And we’ve figured them out for you.

CloudThink is designed for both experienced miners as well as beginners in the Bitcoin mining industry. We pride ourselves on providing far more than just a regular cloud mining service. CloudThink is 100% sustainable and generates its own electricity. This is our way of ensuring efficient business practices, which in turn allows us to offer you our unique investment packages.

We started CloudThink in 2013 with a mission to offer the most sustainable Bitcoin investments on the market. Our team has studied the exact bottlenecks in the mining process and created a comprehensive international strategy to effortlessly glide past them.

Our facilities in Taiwan are mining Bitcoins at a steady rate, and best of all, at great value. Initially, our cloud mining packages were only available to certain invite-only investors. We have since moved forward. Our current public offering is limited and represents our confident step towards building the future of Bitcoin together. You can trust in our state-of-the-art data centers and renewable energy to provide you with the optimal cloud mining experience available on the market. Our services are designed specifically to work with a single investment, letting you avoid unpleasant monthly payments or confusing fee calculations. No matter what, we keep it simple.

CloudThink aims to set an example with exceptional customer support, as well as professional support by our experienced financial team for members who decide to opt for the expert investment package. We have a strong commitment to privacy, and do not share your information with anyone ever. Additionally, we have developed the CloudThink wallet, which offers coin mixing features for increasing anonymity. Whether you join our service as a miner or an affiliate, you are free to benefit from our investment packages in the end. But don't wait too long, or you might have to wait for our next public offer! In case you have already missed the offering, register today and stay tuned for our future investment opportunities. Now, we aren’t saying you couldn’t start mining yourself. Of course you could! But you would also be exposing yourself to massive risks, and setup costs in the range of $100,000 to $1,000,000 in order to secure yourself a profit. For most individuals, this is not a realistic proposal. For many others, it is a quick way to bankruptcy and a heart attack.

With sustainable cloud mining that produces its own electricity, you can relax. Our success is equally your success, and vice versa. Just like you, we became amazed by the future potential of Bitcoin and the importance of making mining a public endeavor.