Our consultants provide 24/7 support for our clients on support contracts. We are open to take your calls 7 days a week, we also provide pay as you go services aswell and aswell as fixed budget work. We deal with all sorts of companies with all sorts of budgets.
We can advise and help organisations implement customised solutions for the challenges they face while meeting their requirements without the costs and risks associated with recruiting an in-house team. By leveraging on our extensive experience, your organisation can reap the benefits of having a team of skilled professionals dedicated to your organisation and its needs. Our client-centric approach drives solutions that are strategic in nature, aligning your company’s strengths to future challenges.
We evaluate your systems, finding problems and analysing performance at all layers of the stack.
We offer a full range of configuration, procedural and performance audits, providing comprehensive reports with concrete recommendations.
Our solutions provides complete high availability and scalability set-up based on Linux and UNIX environment. While using open source technologies we can provide maximum uptime for your infrastructure. Whether it is a cloud environment or a dedicated hardware our solutions are custom build for every client. Further adding to our service we offer 24/7 contract to make sure your system remain up and running in case of an emergency. Our support contracts are tailor made to meet your individual needs, so whatever the need be we have solutions for everyone.
Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t confine ourselves to looking at a particular aspect of the stack, but instead take a holistic view, providing insight into the implications of each component on the others.
Our reports detail the steps that should be taken to improve performance, ordered by ease of implementation, and making the likely impact clear.
Our services don’t end at providing a report – we can then assist with the implementation of the changes, and subsequently re-test to validate the performance gains the changes have made.

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