This system is the first of its kind and is aimed at reducing costs and increasing efficiency for SSA, FIG, Corporate and Asset Backed borrowers and dealers globally.

Following discussions with market participants, the collaborative market data network CMDportal, with over 22,500 registered bond market professionals, announces the establishment of a new independent platform for the USD4.8 trillion private placement bond markets globally.

Whilst some bond market dealers have internal systems and a few large issuers have their own dealer direct platform, there is no single platform that provides access to private placement bond market financing opportunities for issuers and dealers. CMDportal is the first to create an online platform of this kind for primary private placement bonds.

"The purpose of the platform is to reduce costs and simplify the process of matching primary bond market transactions. The system is totally unique, simple to use and offers a dynamic solution that sits well within the compliance environment of our users"; said Pieter van Dyck, Managing Director.

The international private placement bond market currently stands at USD4.8 trillion through 64 currencies and 18,000 issuers  globally. USD4.3 trillion of this is in vanilla private placements and USD500bn in structured third party transactions. The platform is capable of catering for issuers of all types and from all countries. This includes both SSA, FIG, Corporate and Asset Backed bond issuers, rated and unrated issuers, as well as vanilla and structured notes, covered bonds, senior and subordinated notes.  It can be used for all types of private placements, including Schuldschein.

As of today, market participants will be able to start using the platform free of charge at www.cmdportal.com. CMDportal is a fully independent operator of bond market data networks.

For further information, please contact analysts@cmdportal.com

About CMDportal
CMDportal is a London based FinTech company that manages a collaborative bond market data network of over 22,500 registered bond market professionals. The network connects issuers with dealers and investors of fixed income instruments globally and provides transparency through trade and flow reports to the market. The company manages a collaborative securities database of 13.6 million instruments and acts as a data clearing, validation and reconciliation agent ensuring the highest quality of  ISIN (International Securities Identification Number) and LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) Reference Data for market participants.