Configuration Management, Inc. is a leading provider of Enterprise Change Management, Software Configuration Management, and Release Management services. Founded in 1992, our standards-based framework helps organizations manage change across all their digital assets, including software, hardware, content and documentation. These services streamline the development process to increase ROI, improve quality, and compress time-to-market.
At Configuration Management, Inc. (CMI) our mission is to continuously cultivate successful partnerships with our clients and work together in choosing and implementing the best technology solutions for your business needs. We have a long history of working as an External Services Provider (ESP) to deliver business and technology solutions that result in high-value, measurable business results, while decreasing the time needed to implement and manage critical business applications and technology. Leveraging our proven Configuration Management® framework on all aspects of the information technology and application development process, we focus on maximizing and protecting our clients’ technical assets and resources. We assist our clients in developing strategic solutions, enabling them to focus on the skills that bring success within their organizations today. With our extensive experience, proven methodologies and industry-certified processes, CMI brings a results-oriented approach to IT solutions and outsourcing.