In January 2002, Invitation Discounters™ was an idea conceived in the minds of a husband and wife, who were remembering their "perfect wedding day". They both received their degrees in Education. They had taught and used Technology in the Education field and wanted to share in a business together thereby launching this new company.

The business grew from a local wedding invitation company offering wedding invitations to local brides to a global online website which offered invitations, gifts, favors and personalized stationery for all of life's special occasions. They have serviced thousands of clients all across Europe and the United States.

Holiday Cards was the next step and thus Holiday Card Discounters™ was introduced. They have assisted a wealth of small businesses with their holiday card purchases, as well as many large corporations across the United States.

For over ten years now Invitation Discounters™ has utilized the most trusted names in the printing business to only produce the highest quality product for their customers. Invitation Discounters credits their business growth to the prices and level of customer service provided to their clients.  What started as a small invitation company has grown into a thriving business which has serviced thousands of satisfied customers, corporate businesses & happy brides. They hope their team has the opportunity to serve you for your "Perfect Day" or Holiday Card needs!

  Romans 8:28