The Computer Music Production School is not your traditional Music College, Music School or Alternative Music School. CMPS is a full fledged Music Production and Audio Recording School for the creative artist, music producer, recording engineer, record label and entrepreneur. Students who enroll in our courses want to stop paying for studio time, mixing, and mastering so they can save money and achieve their creative vision. Our students have recorded clients, sold beats, recorded multiple albums and received label offers before finishing our courses.

-To develop, mentor, train and teach technical and practical principles on how students can live their music dream.
-To provide life coaching and practical principles of wisdom in life, music and business.
-To create and develop a community of entrepreneurs, professionals and leaders to inspire the masses, to help the poor, oppressed and financially challenged.

We have been producing, recording, mixing and mastering with Blue Sound Studios and GotchaNoddin.com, hosted songwriting seminars, classroom, in studio training and have worked out of Atlanta and Miami with clients based in New York, California, Atlanta, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, France, London, China, Ghana, Germany, Bermuda, Norway, Japan, Taiwan and many more.