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Little about me
Hi, I am sachin Wakpaijan the author of this blog. I completed college degree in commerce from Sathay College in mumbai. While I was still in college I had joined a multimedia course (AAASP) in 2007, animation, graphics and video editing were my subjects. Till now my whole life has changed. As soon as I completed my graphic semester, I stared to look out for part time job opportunity. I found the job, it was a local printing shop (More Digi Print). Doing more stuff at job, I learn a lot. Then after I quit jobs many time to find better one. This never happen to me, finally realize, I want to start my own business.

To start a business, I had only one idea, whatever knowledge I have, I will share and earn. Before that I realize I need to have at least some money to buy good computer, to pay internet charges & light bill every month. So I became freelance web designer. I learn web programming on my own, followed internet for that. Now I do freelancing and blogging. Apart from this I started learning android game development from January 2016.  Successfully created basic games in google play.