CMT events take you beyond just “information” into “insights, strategies and growth”.

CMT produces conference programs that are tailored for today’s and tomorrow’s evolving business environment where technology, markets and products continuously change to gain a competitive edge. In fast changing business environments where knowledge obsolescence is a feature, CMT events offer the most effective opportunity to narrow the knowledge gaps. High quality analysis, precise insights and strategic directions define CMT's events.

CMT’s business forums focus on key sectors:
•Petrochemicals [Olefins, Aromatics, Methanol, etc]
•Oil [Upstream Exploration & Production, Downstream Refining and Oil Trade, Jet Fuels]
•Gas [ LPG, Natural Gas, GTL, Unconventional Gas]
•Coal & CO2 [Mining & Trade, Coal to Liquid, Coal-Based Chemicals, Coal Gasification, Coal Bed Methane, CCS ]
•Plastics [PET, Polyolefins, PVC, PU]
•Specialty polymers [Engineering Thermoplastics, Elastomers]
•Specialty chemicals [Coatings, Silicones, Personal and Home Care, Surfactants ]
•Commodities [Sugar, Cement, Steel, Grains, Palm Oil]
•Agriculture and agribiotechnology [Seeds, Stevia, Large Scale Farming, Sustainable Plantation Management – Rubber, Palm]
•Bio Energy & Bio-Products [Biofuels, Biomass to Liquids, Jatropha, Sorghum, Algae, Biopolymers, bio-based chemicals]

Into its 29th year of operation, CMT is actively engaged in linking market realities to strategies needed. It provides high level business networking platforms and has a keen understanding of the industry stakeholders.

What differentiates CMT…
In a highly competitive environment that we operate in today, it is differentiated services which provide value to the clients. CMT has been continuously striving to provide highly focused conference programs. The key differentiators of CMT programs are its competently researched programs with valued speakers.

Always in tune with the times, CMT events are designed to reflect contemporary and future concerns in key segments whether in oil, gas and petrochemical/plastics as well as alternative energy and biofuels.

Your search stops at CMT, the bridge linking you to your markets and partners