The goal at ezRouter hasn't changed one bit since the designed and built their very first CNC machine. Its always been about error-free precision cutting, simple programming, decreasing wasted time and materials with a machine that is rugged enough to hold up under non-stop production. That first machine has changed a lot over the years as new innovations were added and technology advanced.

Unlike many manufacturers today, Daniel Berry and partner John Johnson, didn't set out to become makers of top quality CNC machines. It all began when these machine manufacturers could not find anyone to do a cutting job for them. So they set about creating the machine to do the job for them. The next thing they knew people were ordering a CNC machine like theirs.

Today, ezRouter produces several lines of machines in a range of sizes that can be purchased manufacturer direct with standard equipment, loaded with add-ons to fit the task and even completely custom built if need be. They service all industries, skilled craftsmen and artists and hobby shops. No matter what you need to cut or carve, ezRouter has the machine for you at a great price. They also provide excellent customer care from their Mineola, Texas location.

For all types of metal cutting, their oxy-fuel and plasma cutters are top notch, offering the capability of cutting up to four inch thick steel with both speed and precision. These lines are sold under the names of ez-Plasma, Scorpion and APC. The APC is an industry first, a complete and ready to cut out of the box CNC plasma cutter system. Plasma cutters for sale at ezRouter can also be ordered in combination with other types of cutters, such as water jet/plasma or oxy-fuel/plasma. The company's mantra is definitely all about getting the customer the right tools to increase productivity and profitability.

CNC routers from the manufacturer start with small table top units and run up to tables in standard sizes of 5' x 10'. Larger sized units are available as a custom order. Their latest innovation in this category is the ez-Flex. This table top machine is perfect for the hobbyist, artist and small shop and provides both a CNC router and CNC plasma cutter in one. From the ez-Mini and ez-Router line, they have recently added the Scorpion CNC router machines capable of cutting speeds of over 1500 inches per minute.

To learn more about what ezRouter and their top quality CNC machines can do for you and your business or hobby, visit them at www.ez-Router.com today. Should you have any questions, don't hesitate to give them a call, the staff is always friendly and happy to be of assistance.