CO2logic Inc. is opening to bring 10 years of experience in climate & energy consultancy to North America. Our ambition is “to fight climate change and its economic and social consequences” and we do this by helping our clients to reduce their climate impact. Since 2006, we have helped around 250 businesses and partners, mostly in Europe, but demand for our expertise is increasing around the world.

The CO2-reduction potential is huge
We already count Le Pain Quotidien, SPiN, Ace Natural, Barco and a large bank… among our US-based clients. Our goal is to help organizations become CO2-Neutral while reducing their climate impact and energy costs first.

There is great potential both in the private and the public sectors. As an example, switching to LED lighting in just one of the NYC’s 469 subway stations would reduce CO2 emissions by 198 metric tons. This is equivalent to watching TV for 300 years, and gives an annual saving of $41,000.

If you haven’t calculated the benefits for both the planet and your wallet, then you’re ignoring the benefits of serious climate action. Most organizations have environmental and economical savings to be made, and we help our clients to identify them and take advantage.

CO2 calculations & reduction advisory are made according to international standards such as the GHG Protocol, ISO and LEED standards. CO2logic team members have an impressive track record across a number of sectors, including: food & beverages, construction, energy, financial, transport & logistics and public sectors. Our people would like to share their skills and experience with US-based clients or partners.

The CO2logic Inc. experienced team can tackle this challenge
CO2logic Inc. have a strong & experienced team in NYC, in Prof. Arnaud Brohé (CEO) and Hervé Billiet (senior partner). They will be supported by CO2logic Europe and its founder, Antoine Geerinckx. We will also build a local team of sustainability experts.

Arnaud is a sustainability management lecturer at the Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, the top Belgian business school, and former Research Fellow at Oxford University. He played a crucial role in the development of CO2logic in Belgium & abroad. Hervé brings a wealth of experience from leading consultancies and the US Department of Energy.

For more information:
Prof. Arnaud Brohé
CEO CO2logic Inc
+ 1 (646) 705-5395

Launch event:

CO2logic Inc. will be officially launched on Tuesday May 24th at 6:30pm during a special event where Prof. Arnaud Brohé will present some business cases in New York and Europe (e.g. Le Pain Quotidien, Duvel beer, the city of Brussels). This event will also promote products from Belgium (beers & chocolates) and will be hosted @ Interface’s office, 330 5th Av. 12th floor. For registration: ask@pamelapeeters.com

Some of our climate projects: