erin grew up on the shore of lake erie in lakewood, ohio.  born in 1970, she argues it was the best decade to be a kid.  she and her 5 siblings spent their entire summer days outside.  you could find them at the ball field, beach or pool, playing kick the can or running bases, they would hang out on their front porch with the neighborhood kids, ride their bikes all over town and roast marshmallows over the charcoal grill.  life was simple and carefree and erin wanted to create an apparel line that would celebrate those simple times - the good old days - and encourage her customers to do the same.

without getting on a soapbox, erin simply wishes that life could go back a bit, that we all slow down, let our kids be kids and enjoy these beautiful days on earth.  

in the summer of 2018, coastal cleveland was launched at an outdoor event on the shore of lake erie in avon lake, where erin and her family now reside.  she looks forward to seeing where this brand goes and hopes her message catches on.

"enjoy the simple life"