We named our company Coast Incorporated because we envision an organization that spans the entire country, coast to coast, providing opportunity and development for both people and businesses.

Coast Incorporated is a career development firm that was founded in 2010 by Nicole Skovgard.  Coast Inc maintains a portfolio of growing clientele, which allows them the opportunity to develop the skills of every single employee in their company as they grow in their career.

Each employee has the opportunity to get personalized training in various areas of business, including, but not limited to leadership development, planning and scheduling, sales and marketing, organizational skills, strategic management, public speaking, and team management.
Through a mentor program, each employee is able to learn, grow, and develop into the individual and professional that they aspire to be.  With the growth of the clients that they represent, there is ever growing opportunity for advancement within the company for driven individuals.

Coast Incorporated Oak Brook has just recently expanded its portfolio, and relocated to Oak Brook from the northern suburbs of Chicago in order to better assist their clients.  With the anticipated growth in the near future, Coast Inc is always on the lookout for talented, ambitious individuals who want a chance to train, grow, and develop into strong leaders in the business world.

Coast Incorporated's mission is to develop and drive performance of ambitious individuals who are looking to grow their career.  Through constant coaching and reviews, Coast Inc is dedicated to making each and every employee more well rounded and skilled, regardless of the time spent with their company.