Coast to Coast Publishing of Delray Beach
Coast to Coast published hundreds of magazines last year and is on track to publish over that amount of magazines this year –we offer access to hundreds of thousands of affluent readers/golfers who are prepared to pay well for high-quality lifestyle products and services.  In addition to this exceptional market reach, Coast to Coast also has a skilled team of professional outbound ad-sales experts, which provide an exceptional resource for our growing network of companies. http://www.coasttocoastpub.com

“We compete successfully in our market by delivering first-class quality With a staff of gifted writers and designers who oversee the production of editorial content in its magazines in a dozen markets, Coast to Coast reaches out to those target markets through a staff of numerous skilled outbound ad sales reps who know how to win the confidence of first-time advertisers who quickly become ongoing, satisfied clients.” “We give mom-and-pop shops in local-to-the-country-club markets the opportunity to play shoulder-to-shoulder with brand-name national advertisers, delivering an up-scale, carefully-targeted audience, we are inexpensive in terms of cost and priceless in terms of benefits.” Coast to Coast
The content is split about evenly between golf features and related lifestyle and news targeting upscale club golfers. “This has proved appealing to our readers, and supportive to our product-and-service advertisers.  We distribute our publications through country clubs – in any given market.  “We give a positive platform for local and national advertisers.”

About Coast to Coast Publishing
Coast to Coast Publishing of Delray Beach Florida  produces a range of premier quality metro area golf magazines – Golf Journal of (city). These Coast to Coast publications offers more than 2,500 local-market advertisers in hundreds of markets, this is an unprecedented opportunity to cost-effectively reach a focused audience of high-end prospects – individuals with disposable income and other assets, even during economic hard times.
Coast-to-Coast’s award-grade high-gloss magazines are distributed at no cost at country clubs in the destination and metro markets served by distinctive market-centered magazines.

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Coast to Coast Publishing is a fast growing product and service publisher dedicated to providing the optimal link between you and your customer.

We provide an efficient means to reach your customers by maximizing your product or service exposure using fewest resources possible. By concentrating our distribution to select markets, you can be assured your business will reach your target market where the largest number of prospective customers are available, and not wasting your efforts elsewhere.

As popularity of our publications and additional national and local business interest continues to grow, your potential customer base grows. We offer our Advertisers the opportunity to easily and inexpensively reach and sell this high consumption market.