Cobham Antenna Systems, Microwave Antennas develop and manufacture high specification antennas. Sector and Multi Sector, Directional, Omni-directional, Ultra Wideband (UWB) antennas  for Security, Military, Defence, Satellite, Civilian and Commercial use.

Applications include Tactical Communications, Link16, Cellular and DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems), Radar, IED CM, Surveillance, Unmanned Systems, UAVs, Robots, Control base stations, COFDM, MIMO, Telemetry, Satcoms, Wireless LAN, WiMAX and LTE, RFID, TETRA and PMR, Maritime and Outside Broadcast. Robust and proven in use, these antennas are used by leading businesses, small and large, worldwide.

Development programmes are undertaken for customers, plus there are more than 1500 existing antenna designs available. All activities are carried out at a single location in Cheveley, Newmarket, UK - development engineering, administration, anechoic testing and manufacturing.