CockburnPowerstar is at the forefront of technological advances in providing Australian energy management solutions.

CockburnPowerstar is a company created to satisfy the growing demand for reductions in energy usage and the associated power costs. The Powerstar® unit is specifically designed to reduce power consumption thus creating power bill savings as well as reducing the carbon footprint.
A major supplier of this technology is Cockburn Powerstar who, through its market leading Powerstar voltage optimisation system, can help organisations achieve electricity cost savings of up to 26.1%.

Powerstar offers the energy management Voltage Optimisation solution for Australians.

Voltage optimisation controls a buildings incoming voltage in order to maximise energy savings. Even a minimal reduction in voltage can achieve up to 25% reduction in electricity bills, and all without compromising the supply to electrical equipment.

Now available throughout Australia is the Powerstar voltage optimisation solution for;  Supermarkets, high rise, sporting clubs, manufacturing facilities, schools,  mining, prisons and government or local authority buildings could all benefit from voltage optimisation technology. Accommodation, hotels, resorts and hospitals, in particular, with their high rate of constant electricity consumption could particularly benefit with the installation of voltage optimisation.

The Cockburn Powerstar Voltage optimisater  unit can be applied to main incoming electricity supplies, sub distribution boards or even individual machines. It uses a uniquely designed transformer to enable voltage reduction to suit site requirements, while at the same time maximising power savings. The unit has an efficiency of 99.91% ensuring that it maximises energy savings for a specific voltage reduction.

Once the building is powered up following an installation the savings are immediate. Average savings stand at 10-14% per year on both carbon and energy bills, but can be as much as 26.1%. The payback period of Powerstar is dependent on individual tariffs, although this will continue to fall due to the escalating price of power.

Testimonials at  http://www.cockburnpowerstar.com.au/case_studies/
that indicate how successful for different commercial premises over the past years, thus keeping the Price increases at a minimal for the commercial and industrial sectors and won’t dramatically affect the prices for products and services to the consumers.

Whilst Cockburn Powerstar offer free surveys to industry businesses by phoning 1300677564, it is noted that the UK government offer rebates, loans and incentives for industry to install these Powerstar voltage optimisation units, hopefully the Australian Environment department will help support Australian industry to install these Powerstar voltage optimisation units.

Testomonials: Read our Case Studies below to see the way that Powerstar® is helping businesses become more efficient and reduce their energy costs.

"As part of our efforts to achieve the highest efficiency rating of our buildings, Powerstar® has been installed to three leisure centres within the council. The results have been exciting with an average of 12.5% reduction in the three leisure centres. As a direct result of the Powerstar® installation our efficiency ratings were excellent." Martin Perrow, Energy Manager–Restormel Borough Council.

Front of house and behind the scenes Powerstar® promises and delivers at Guoman Hotel Management (UK) Ltd.
"In commercial terms Powerstar® came up with pretty well the ideal solution. They struck just the right balance between finding a means of installing a fail safe system that would significantly reduce our energy bills while achieving the hurdle rates for capital investment.
"So far the Powerstar® installations in our hotels have achieved as much as an amazing 26.1% saving in total electricity consumption at our Thistle Hyde Park Hotel and elsewhere, never less than an 11.5% saving. That's what I call a real result!"
David Hannah, Head of Property at Guoman Hotel Management (UK) Ltd

•   Powerstar® is fully designed and manufactured in the UK. All Powerstar® components, including even minor items such as the paint, are sourced from UK manufacturers. The Powerstar® design and any associated software are designed by EMSc UK Limited.
•   The EMS team has over 150 years experience in designing and manufacturing special transformers and the Powerstar® design is a direct result of this experience.
•   Powerstar® Voltage optimisater  requires no maintenance and has a 10 year warranty.
•   Powerstar® will improve the life expectancy of your electrical equipment.
o   Reduced harmonics by 88% more than competitive systems

PowerStar® Voltage optimisater comes with guaranteed savings helping organisations to cut their electricity bills by up to 26.1% and reduce their carbon footprint.