Premium coco fibers (PCF), is a world class supplier of coconut coir straight from the tropical sources of coconut rich farms. By World Class we mean that our products are used by customers across the globe. The primary reason coconut fibers thrive as an alternative to the peat moss media for soil mix in today’s economy is that coconut fiber is the most environmentally friendly soil amendment available which has more plant friendly attributes when used in the correct manner than any other natural media. PCF (Premium coco fibers) directly invests in coconut farms and actively procures tons of otherwise underutilized residue coconut husk (coco coir) and processes it into a prime alternative to the giant carbon footprint peat moss sphagnum.
Premium coco fibers currently supplies coconut fiber also known as coconut coir for horticulture and gardening to the commercial growers and the home growers market. One of the major debates that have dominated the growers industry pertaining to the mass usages of coconut coir is the alleged presence of high pH and salt content which indeed can be detrimental and result in plant growth and performance mitigation. Premium coco fibers (PCF), is very sensitive to this aspect because no one knows better than us what it means for a plant to die before its time or not grow to its full potential. Therefore, premium coco fibers goes through extraordinary lengths to ascertain that the coconut coir supplied to the market has passed all inspections and composition tests performed in our state of the art laboratory. As part of the process through which our business sales teams engage our clients, we ascertain that key questions and answers are addressed to ensure that no unknowns are left out only to be found during a trial or post trial session. We have a comprehensive list of plants that perform well with coconut fiber in the soil mix and others that it is not ideal for. Just like any medication taken at the wrong time or under the wrong circumstances, a soil or potting component which has its perfect application and usage, when misused or used under the wrong circumstances can produce adverse affects therefore, its good for growers to research and maximize their knowledge about the benefits of coconut coir and how to effectively use it to get positive good results while alleviating nature of the carbon and nature adverse methods that are used as much thoughtlessly.
The other side of the equation: Creating livelihoods is part of being environmental consciousness. Tropical areas which is the major source of coconuts is often also under developed coastal regions which PCF intends to develop into a thriving new economy by creating value from their natural resources. We like the idea to see families in coastal regions come spring into action as we  engage local farmers and source untapped value from their farms.
Who we are: Based in Northern Virginia, we are a nature friendly and environment conscious company who is also involved in material management for undertakings such as river, creek and stream soil erosion mitigation devices and public space beautification materials. We work with environmental companies, contractors, landscapers, and horticultural industry nationwide.
Contact Person: Global PR and Business Development Manager shan@premiumcocofibers.com.